• Industrial SCADA

    Utilities Automation

    The SCADA System can manage any size power grid, including local power supplies, to ensure the highest reliability.

  • Utilities SCADA

    Transmission and Distribution

    Standards-based solutions can reduce the time to integrate new digital control technologies by as much as 70%.

  • Wind Power SCADA

    Green Energy

    New and renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass, and wind must be quickly brought online with a minimum of engineering and cost.

  • Power Plant SCADA

    Industrial Automation

    We integrate control systems for power, manufacturing, production, and chemical processing into a single user interface.


Innovative Industrial Automation Software

Industries function on one fundamental concept – minimal loss and maximum output. Human monitoring and supervision has its limits when maintaining an installation for reliability, efficiency, and safety. To boost all of these with minimal efforts requires technical and automated technology to keep functionality and productivity one ahead. To gain this competitive and technological edge, SCADA systems play just than a vital and important role.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, more precisely known as SCADA, is a complete real-time data harvester and analytical computer software. Interactive, versatile, and intelligent, SCADA systems are perfectly capable of maximising output from your installations. With a high investment-return to installation cost ratio, international companies trust SCADA systems for their impeccable performance.

What exactly does a SCADA System consist of? SCADA Systems include features and modules that revamp any hardware and setup combination. A few of these features and modules are:

  • Functionality: Ease-of-usage, custom modification, and high sustainability; all possible without taking the server or client system offline. With extended features, all modifications and development occur in a real-time scenario. Other features include Scripting Modifications, Report Generators, Open Database Connectivity Compliance, ActiveX Integration and Customisation, real-time screen layout modifications and on-spot tagging.

  • Security: SCADA systems always stay ahead of the security measures offered by client-side operating systems. Protocols ranging from security measures Object-Level Security Access to Remote Monitoring Restrictions have been kept strict and in accordance to the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 Standard.

  • Communication: As a complete out-of-the-box solution, SCADA Systems incorporate universal communication through hardware-end devices and processing servers through the aid of Open Platform Communication (OPC) Protocols. Coupled with a Software Logic Controller (SLC), the SCADA System can communicate with just about any Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) line-up. Support can also be added and improved for hardware through custom user-end scripts.

  • Scalability: SCADA Systems take advantage of a Client-Server Topology. This removes the boundaries on the number of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) that can be associated with a SCADA System. Each system comprises of at least one central server. Each server communicates with Client-Side Terminals. Each terminal is then further connected to several field devices and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).

  • Reliability: SCADA Systems offer fault isolation and automated fail-over switching thanks to the added functionality of executing fully redundant operations. This allows the systems to maximise system availability and performance while keeping losses in data and processing to a minimal. Modular structuring of SCADA Systems allows critical processing applications to be scattered throughout the network without any compromise on communication and processing efficiency.

SCADA Systems have been incorporated by leading multi-national organisations. Some examples of such clients include British Petrolium (the world’s third largest energy company), POWER Engineers (an engineering consultant serving international clients in the power and telecommunication sectors), Dominion (a 27,500 megawatts power generation firm) and Valero Energy (quality oil refiners providing over 2 million barrels of processed oil per day). The list keeps growing as more clients switch to SCADA Systems to maximise their installations’ potentials.

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SCADA System Benefits

ClearView SCADA system screenshots

The SCADA system features

Scalability & Client/Server Topology

ClearView Server lets the user add unlimited tags and alarms to any existing system. There is no practical limit to the number of IEDs, clients, or OPC servers with ClearView Server.


Using guidelines from the OPC Foundation, ClearView Server communicates with just about any IED or electronic device. Software Logic Controller serves as a protocol translator to integrate IEDs of different manufacturers.


ClearView SCADA goes beyond the basic Microsoft Win2K/XP2 security methods with an unlimited number of security levels, right down to individual screen objects. This provides a certified audit trail to record any significant changes to the system. ClearView SCADA is fully compliant with the requirements of 21CFR Part 11 for remote operation and electronic signature.


ClearView Server provides fully redundant operations with automatic fail-over simply by checking a box on the configuration page. All applications can reside anywhere on the network (i.e., the server could be on one machine, the OPC server on another, the historian database on another, the client on another, etc.) the total system has superior reliability.


The ease with which ClearView SCADA can be maintained is due in large part to its full suite of features. All ClearView applications can be modified without taking the server or client off line. Run-Time Project Modification includes adding/deleting tags and alarms, modifying/adding screens, modifying scripts, and much, much more. Other notable functions include full ODBC Compliance, full ActiveX Compliance, Standard Scripting Language (Client), Server Scripting, Wizard Scripting, and Standard Reporting Tools (Reports & Trends).


The SCADA system

SCADA for automation

The SCADA is fully scalable: it can cost-effectively control and monitor just a few devices or it can connect to hundreds of nodes at multiple sites on an information highway.

ClearView SCADA system offers the most advanced security available today. Fully auditable records track every significant action taken on the system. This is a must in today’s environment of elevated alerts and widely connected grids.

Industry managers and their automation engineers across North America choose ClearView SCADA because of its value in managing their systems, its ease-of-use, and its cost effectiveness. There is nothing like it on the market today.

Reliable Enterprise Solution

ReLab’s ClearView Enterprise SCADA creates a single complete ecosystem that is easy to deploy, maintain and upgrade. It includes all the SCADA features: historian, alarms, notification, calculation engine, security, redundancy, and many more that can be used to monitor and control multiple substations and/or other assets simultaneously.

Control Room implementations with dispersed multiple substation and/or critical assets is the target application. Implementation examples include: Electricity Distribution Systems for utilities; large mining operations; Refineries; Chemical Plants; Well Systems and pump stations; monitoring and control of multiple remote renewable generation plants.

ClearView Enterprise Server is architected to provide the user community with confidence that they will be able to collect, manage and distribute ever greater volumes of data as the demand grows. Similarly the users can have confidence that as the system grows the capability to monitor, control and protect critical assets will not degrade.

The ClearView Enterprise Solution is based on modern, standard and well accepted protocols with an ability to add new protocols, perform protocol conversion, plug-in third party components and integrate to enterprise business applications.

ReLab’s Enterprise SCADA Solution utilizes all the power of ReLab’s Industrial Platform, ClearView SCADA-HMI and OPC communications products, and enables enterprises with the most modern and powerful technologies. A typical configuration will have direct connection between the ClearView SCADA Server in the substation or plant and the ClearView Enterprise Server in the Control Room.

scada system screenshot

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